Michael Mark, LLB, experienced in wills disputes litigation as well as wills and probate

Civil litigation
Creditor's remedies
Estate administration
Estate litigation
Real estate,
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McConnan Bion O'Connor Peterson
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Lorenzo Oss-Cech, LLB, estate planning & wealth management options, eg. trusts, foundationsLORENZO OSS-CECH,

Estate Planning & Wealth Management Options, Trusts / Foundations
(fluent in Italian, Spanish & working French)
Hutchison Oss-Cech Marlatt
Michael O'Connor, K.C.  practices  estate litigation, civil litigation, creditors remedies,  family law, personal injury

Estate litigation
Civil litigation
Creditors remedies
Personal Injury
Michael O'Connor, K.C.
McConnan Bion O'Connor Peterson

Offices Downtown Victoria
Dirk Ryneveld, King's Counsel, Victoria wills, estates adminstration,   senior associate  counsel with  McConnan Bion O'Connor Peterson law corp.

Estate Litigation
Civil Litigation
Medical Malpractice
Creditor's remedies
Senior Associate Counsel
McConnan Bion O'Connor Peterson
Barri Marlatt, wills and estates lawyer with years of experience in the area of brain injury, personal injury

Wills trusts & estate litigation practice,
Personal injury practice:
Brain injury
Sexual assault
Hutchison Oss-Cech Marlatt
Fisgard St. Victoria, B.C. hom-law.com/ lawyers
Reid Fraser, partner at McConnan Bion O'Connor Peterson, does  estate litigation, civil litigation, Creditors' Remedies, Family Law, & Personal Injury

Estate Litigation,
Creditors' Remedies,
Family Law,
Medical Malpractice,
Personal Injury
Principal McConnan Bion O'Connor Peterson
Offices Downtown Victoria
Nicholas McKnight,  primarily practices in matters relating to commercial disputes & estate litigation.

Civil litigation,
Real estate,
Estate admin istration,
Wills trusts & incapcity planning
Primarily practices in matters relating to Commercial disputes & Estate litigation.
Charlotte Salomon, KC in court robes 2023 retired Dec. 31,  2024  as principal fr.  firm McConnan Bion O'Connor Peterson
RETIRED Dec. 2023
McConnan Bion O'Connor Peterson

For wills file queries contact Nicholas McKnight, LLB
Sarah Klinger, wills disputes lawyer offices in Victoria and Langford, BC
Estate Litigation
"Are you dealing with a dispute over the will of a deceased parent or spouse?
Do you have questions about the fairness of the will?"
Victoria & Langford Offices
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Mark Perry - focus is on high end wills disputes involving large estates, over 30 years experience MARK G. PERRY
Family Law 30+ yr, ("Canadian & high-net worth clients in the area of family law. )
Matrimonial Law,
BC Public Guardian & Trustee, In-House Counsel

westside familylaw .ca mark-g-perry Vancouver B.C.
Vancouver, B.C.
Emma Andrews, LLB is a canada immigration lawyer, fluent in Spanish, and experienced in wills and wills disputes - office near  1st Ave. & the Burrard St. Bridge south side EMMA ANDREWS, J.D.
Immigration & Wills law
Fluent in Spanish
Otras áreas: Testamentos y Sucesiones/ Planificación para casos de Discapacidad / Poderes y Nota rizaciones / Familia / Lesiones Físicas / Bienes Raíces Vancouver, B.C.
Richmond, B.C.
Bruce Thompson, lawyer for claims related to probate e.g. claims related to the variation of a will or the conduct of an executor BRUCE ALLAN THOMPSON

Advice On All Aspects Of Estate Litigation: * notices of dispute, * citations, * proof in solemn form, * preservation of property, * curing deficiences, * rectification of wills, * variation of wills"
Richmond, B.C.
ba thompson law.com
Vancouver, B.C.

Barristers & Solicitors
"Serving Clients’ Estate Planning And Litigation Needs"
* Hugh S. McLellan BCom. LLB. 40+ years
* Deidre J. Herbert BCom. LLB 23+ years
* J. Jeffrey Locke
* Jamie Lhynn Porciuncula
800 West Pender St.
Vancouver, B.C.
mclellan herbert .com
Vancouver, B.C.

mclartywolf .com/ ... estate-litigation/
Lawyer Murray Wolf, 25+ years
Estate litigation
*Challenges to wills
*Wills variations
*Resulting trusts
Elder Financial Abuse & Commitee-ship Lawyers see Elder abuse
808 Nelson St.
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B.C. Wills & Estates Law. Lawyers-BC.com/wills /willintro.htm

NO WILL?  What happens?
When there is no will
for the deceased? lawyers-bc.com/ probate/ articles/ nowill.htm - information


Wills, Estates and Succession Act ("WESA")

Introduction to Probate lawyers-bc.com/ probate/ probintro.htm

Estate Litigation

When a loved one passes away, or loses the ability to make decisions for themselves, it’s sadly common for legal disputes to result.
Whether you’re an executor facing challenges from beneficiaries, a child or spouse treated unfairly in a will, or you just have concerns about how a loved one’s affairs are being managed, we can help. quote from mcbop.com/ our-practice-areas/estate-litigation/ 2022.05]

Challenging Provisions of a Will
Litigation &Wills Disputes

If you have been treated unfairly by a deceased parent or spouse under the terms of his or her will, consider obtaining the advice and assistance of an experienced estate litigation lawyer.  Wills can be varied by the court to ensure adequate, just and equitable provision for a spouse or child of the deceased.

A child or spouse of a person who dies leaving a will can challenge the provisions of will and seek a variation pursuant to the Wills, Estates and Succession Act (2014) .

The court will consider whether, in all of the circumstances, the deceased person (testator) made adequate provision for the claimant under the terms of the will.  The considerations are wide and varied, but they include the nature of the relationship between the testator and the claimant, the size of the estate, and the relative needs of the other beneficiaries to the will.

Claims must be made within 180 days from issuance of probate of the will.  

Probate is the process in which the executor of the will probates or proves the will to the court.  If a child or a spouse is not satisfied that the will makes adequate provision for him or her, legal advice ought to be obtained promptly so that legal action, if warranted, may be commenced in a timely way.

Michael Mark,  wills disputes, wills variation act, estate litigator,  lawyer wearing court robes in Victoria B.C. office one block from Provincial Court House, is senior partner of McConnan Bion O'Connor Peterson law firm


Preferred areas of practice: civil litigation, creditors' remedies, estate administration, estate litigation.

Michael Mark has extensive experience in both civil litigation and in criminal litigation as a former Federal prosecutor in complex tax evasion prosecutions. 

Michael has practiced in Victoria since his admission to the Bar in 1991 and he became a principal at McConnan, Bion, O'Connor & Peterson Law Corporation in January 2000.  He is also a past executive member of the Victoria Bar Association.

Michael Mark, wills disputes, wills variation act, estate litigator,  lawyer wearing court robes in Victoria B.C. office

MICHAEL MARK, LLB - Estate Litigation / Wills Disputes Lawyer
Senior partner
McConnan Bion O'Connor Peterson Law Corp.
Suite #420 - 880 Douglas Street,
Victoria, B.C. Canada V8W 2B7
Phone  250-385-1383   
Toll free  1-888-385-1383
E-mail:  mmark@mcbop.com   Web Site:  www.mcbop.com/ lawyer/michael-r-mark/
Street Map:  down town Victoria location near Court House

see also
Representation Agreements vs Powers of Attorney

Dirk Ryneveld, King's Counsel, civil litigation practice includes estate administrative and regulatory law, brings experience as former BC Police complaints commissioner and international criminal court at the Hague to both private and governement clients


Dirk currently has a varied litigation practice advising both private and government clients on administrative law and civil litigation issues.  He is primarily engaged as senior external counsel for the Civil Forfeiture Office of the BC Ministry of Justice.

His areas of practice include:
· Civil Litigation
· Creditors' Remedies
· Medical Malpractise www.mcbop.com/our-practice-areas/medical-malpractice/
· Estate Litigation https://www.mcbop.com/our-practice-areas/estate-litigation/

Dirk Ryneveld, KC joined the firm of McConnan Bion O'Connor & Peterson in Victoria as Associate Counsel in June 2009, after a six-year term as Police Complaint Commissioner for BC.  Prior to that, Dirk was a Senior Trial Attorney from 1999 - 2003 at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia at the Hague, where he conducted several war crimes trials and also was lead counsel for the prosecution of the Kosovo component of the Slobodan Milosevic trial.

He has also appeared at all levels of court in British Columbia and the Supreme Court of Canada, as Deputy Regional Crown Counsel from 1974 - `1999.   Dirk was appointed as Queen's Counsel in 1990.

McConann Bion O'Connor & Peterson Law Corp.
Suite # 420 - 880 Douglas Street,
Victoria, B.C. Canada V8W 2B7
Phone:  250-385-1383    Toll free:  1-888-385-1383

Web Site: www.mcbop.com/lawyer/ dirk-ryneveld-qc
Street Map:  downtown Victoria location near Court House

What Are Representation Agreements?
Powers of Attorney?

Michael Mark, wills disputes, wills variation act, estate litigator,  lawyer wearing court robes in Victoria B.C. office

This information is prvided courtesy of the wills & estates lawyers at McBOP.com

Representation Agreements / Incapacity Planning - Reference Info

Must be in a form that meets prescribed signing and witnessing requirements

Powers of Attorney - Reference Info

Must be in a form that meets prescribed signing and witnessing requirements

For more information on the above services go to www.mcbop.com/ our-practice-areas/ wills-trusts-and-incapacity-planning

nb.  The Capital Regional District, CRD, includes the Municipalities of: Central Saanich / Colwood / Esquimalt / Highlands / Langford / Metchosin / North Saanich / Oak Bay / Saanich / Sidney / Sooke / Victoria / View Royal (on southern Vancouver Island) and they in turn ar part of the Electoral Areas of: Juan de Fuca, Southern Gulf Islands, and Salt Spring Island. (see [www.crd.bc.ca/govlink.htm for more information]

Barri Marlatt, wills disputes / variation / estate litigation lawyer in downtown Victoria  with background including personal injury and brain injury ICBC claims disputes


Wills disputes lawyer with Hutchison Oss-Cech Marlatt

- Were you overlooked?
- Is there something specific that you think you should have been entitled to?
- Was someone else unreasonably enriched?
- In some cases the law entitles you to question a bequest, or indeed a complete will.

See more wills information at our web site: hom-law.com/ practices/ estates/

Hutchison Oss-Cech Marlatt,
Barristers & Solicitors
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Victoria B.C. V8W 1R3
Phone:  (250) 360-2500
Toll Free:  1-866-887-4878
Profile on HOM-law.com  hom-law.com/ lawyers/ barri-a-marlatt/


The information provided on Willsdisputes.com is not intended to be legal advice, but merely conveys general information related to legal issues commonly encountered. 

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Lorenzo Oss-Cech, BSc LLB, estate planning & wealth managment options -lawyer with offices of Hutchison Oss-Cech Marlatt

Lorenzo Oss-Cech, BSc. LLB. wih Hutchison Oss-Cech Marlatt law firm, on Estate Planning & Wealth Managment:

"... Whether you wish to maximize the amount your children receive, or at the other extreme, disinherit your children completely, a well thought out estate plan can help.

Estate Planning includes the planning of the orderly transmission of assets, for example a business or a summer home, during a lifetime or on death. It also includes planning for possible incapacity.

The benefits from such planning include the possible reduction in taxes paid during your life and on death, the mechanisms to guard your estate and protect you during incapacity or the proper protection of dependent or disabled relatives. ... "

Our services include:

(above quote is from www.hom-law.com/practices/ estate-planning-and-wealth-management/ For more information go to this webpage )
Lorenzo Oss-Cech, BSC LLB, experienced estate planning wealth management   and civil litigation lawyer

Hutchison Oss-Cech Marlatt,
Barristers & Solicitors
#1 - 505 Fisgard Street,
Victoria B.C. V8W 1R3
Phone:  (250) 360-2500
Toll Free:  1-866-887-4878
Profile:  https://www.hom-law.com/ lawyers/ lorenzo-g-oss-cech

Charlotte A. Salomon, kCC wills, estates, incapacity planning, estate Administration lawyer - also has  background in real estate development - helps plan for your wealth management as  part of your estate planning


RETIRED Dec. 2023

Principal of McConnan Bion O'Connor Peterson, where she practised from 1996-2023 .

Reid Fraser, associate lawyer with McConnan Bion O'Connor Peterson in Victoria provides practice areas in: estate litigation, family law, medical malpractice

Reid works in both the litigation and solicitor practice groups of McConnan Bion O'Connor Peterson Law firm.

Awards: Top of Class, Contract Law, James Cook University (2014) https://www.jcu.edu.au/college-of-business-law-and-governance/law

Since being called to the Bar in early 2018 Reid has represented clients at all levels of court in British Columbia and has trial experience in both the Provincial Court and Supreme Court of British Columbia.

Practice Areas

McConnan Bion O'Connor & Peterson Law Corporation
Suite #420 - 880 Douglas Street,
Victoria, B.C. Canada V8W 2B7
Phone: 250-385-1383   Toll free: 1-888-385-1383
Email: rfraser@mcbop.com
Web Site: http:www.mcbop.com/ lawyer/ reid-fraser
Street Map:  down town Victoria location near Court House

Paul Scambler, KC experienced, real property, wills & probate lawyer & mediator retired in 2021 - now involved primarily with Peace Makers Trust


" ....practiced law [in Victoria, BC] for more than four decades with extensive work in secured transactions, wills and estates, elder-care law, real property, and dispute resolution.

During his law practice he advised numerous businesses and non-profit organizations in Canada, including faith-based organizations and social services organizations.

He is a member of the Law Society of British Columbia (non-practicing as of 2021)" [above quote from www.lampion.bc.ca 2022 May 13]

Frank Baily, retired 2021

Frank Baily, after 40 years service has retired from his Burnaby, BC based Metrotown practice, which included wills litigation and business litigation.

"Effective May 31st, 2021, Frank Baily [formerly with the Baily McLean Law Group, offices in Metrotown Metrotower 2] has retired.  The law firm of Chee Dusevic has taken over the practices of Frank Baily." see also www.cheedusevic.com
Chee Dusevic
2388 - 4720 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC
V5H 4N2
Phone:604 431-8368

BC Government Web Info.

https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/ content/ life-events/death
"Find out what to do when someone dies. Learn how to register a death in British Columbia and order a death certificate. Get information about wills and estates."

https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/ content/ life-events/death/wills-estates
"A will is a legal document left by someone who’s died. It lets the court know what to do with that person’s estate A will often needs to go through probate – a process that ensures the will is real and was left by the deceased. It’s recommended that you use a lawyer if there are questions about the validity or interpretation of a will."